Evidences of Mormon
A compilation and review of the claims made by the Book of Mormon compared against non-apologetic data

Are Mormons lying to you?

It never fails to impress me when someone asks me about what I believe and then tells me that I am lying to them.

On this website I have discussed several things about what Mormons believe. I talk about some heavy in-depth material. Yet there are those who will state that this information is not true. There are web pages dedicated to teaching people what Mormons really believe that they don't tell you about. There are even a few people who claim that they once were Mormon and that they saw through the lies. Often these statements are qualified with beliefs that are far from accurate.

Lying for the Lord

Now I'm not talking about each individual person, but as a whole. I know there are Mormons who are not perfect and we don't believe out leaders are all knowing and perfect either. What I am talking about is about our religion as a whole. Critics will claim that Mormons believe it is ok to lie for the Lord, citing ex-Mormons and using quotations that are missing most of their text to support their views.

But is it true? Do Mormons believe it is ok to lie to you for the Lord?

The concept of lying for the Lord goes directly against LDS teachings. The First Presidency has never issued such a statement. But you can't take my word for this because I could be lying to you.

This means that you are going to have to determine this for yourself. We claim to be honest and they claim that we are liars. It's our word versus theirs and you are going to have to make some type of conclusion on your own.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you think about this:

You are going to have to determine the nature and character of the other.