Evidences of Mormon
A compilation and review of the claims made by the Book of Mormon compared against non-apologetic data

The answer to "What evidences are there of the Book of Mormon?"

While the main page of this site lists the claims of the Book of Mormon and compares them to known scientific and archeological evidence, its not very easy to copy and paste when someone asks you, "What evidences are there of the Book of Mormon?"

That's where this page comes in. Collected in these lists are the same evidences that you see on this website but formatted for easy copying and pasting. I call them short lists.

The easy to copy short lists

Recommendations and guidelines for using these lists
A plain text list
- This is just a plain text list that includes references beneath each entry. This list is a text only list without any additional markup. The reader will have to research and find each item on their own.
An html list
- This list includes HTML markup that links to the reference. If you are planning using this list in a comment of a forum or news article it is recommended that you preview the results prior to committing the changes. Some of these web pages that allow for user comments will not support HTML markup, and some will remove urls all together.
A wiki friendly list
- This list includes wiki markup that links to the reference, and can be used in pages that support wiki markup. A wiki site allows users to add and change information on the page however they please, and supports special markup to assist in this process. The most well known wiki is Wikipedia which is a publicly editable encyclopedia which uses the wiki markup. While most wikis will support most of this formatting, there may be some that do not so it is recommended that you preview the results prior to committing the changes.

Why did I take the time to make so many lists?

In the public forum, critics are very quick to jump into the fray and attempt to convince people that there is no evidence to support the Book of Mormon. The nice thing about these critics' viewpoint is how easy it is to defend. Their entire goal is to provide nothing. The less you have, the better! Of course this isn't accurate. I have lost editing polls because I have had to take the time to find valid research while the other person used their time to find others who shared their opinion so they could out-vote me. I thanked them for their time and moved on. Of course, this led me to continue researching the topic and thus this site was born. So it all turned out well in the end.

There are a few different versions of these lists and they are painstakingly amended by hand every time that I look into a new piece of evidence. I would rather you use your time more wisely than having to find this research on your own. You are more than welcome to copy and tweak them for whatever purpose you desire. No credit is required, and in some cases it may not be appropriate. However, when actual references are desired, I encourage you to link to those references wherein I have found my data.

If you are using information from this site to defend the LDS faith, then you should be aware that no matter how much evidence you may have, it will not convince someone that the Book of Mormon is true. If there is someone who says there is no evidence, debating with them is usually unproductive, as they will argue with you on almost every point. They have already made up their mind and no amount of evidence, reasoning, or miracles will convince them otherwise.

The one thing that I do ask is that if you are going to use this list, please do so kindly - even with those that may not be kind in return. The one requirement that I have is that you do not use these lists to start any debates. If the debate has begun from someone trying to say there is no evidence, then use these lists freely, but they are more appropriately used after someone has legitimately expressed a desire to learn more.


If you are going to use one of these lists, I would recommend a few things.

  1. Use good judgment on whether or not you should use a full list or if you should use something smaller. Don't dump this full list into a comment section on a webpage. Consider using a smaller part and linking to the main page.
  2. If you are posting to a webpage or comment section, you should preview your results before committing them (if you can) to make sure that it is going to look correct.
  3. If you are using a list that includes external links, make sure that all of the links still go to the proper reference page correctly. Sometimes pages change. If you find one that does not work, let me know and I will see if I can update the reference. In the mean time, just remove the markup for the link. A preview of the HTML version of this list is available where you can to test each link.

You may copy, paste and modify this list however you would like according to the quoting guideline.